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Based in the North East of England The Neon Greenhouse helps small businesses develop their brand, offering advice, training and practical day to day help, assisting people to get their new ventures off the ground.  Our aim is to bring you everything your business requires in one place with a no nonsense, friendly and affordable service designed with our clients needs in mind.  We love to help small businesses think BIG with a wide array of services, courses, training and more, all geared to make the most of your business.

The Neon Greenhouse is the brainchild of our founder Paul Walton and this is his story…


“It all began when my friend boldly decided to start her own e-commerce business.  She had great difficulty finding help that met her needs as a small start up business.  Everyone she approached was too expensive, complicated and not client friendly.  Annoyed by the lack of affordable web design and confusing contracts she was just about ready to give up so I decided to step in and help set up her website for her.

She was extremely happy with the results and ease of use. This left her free to enjoy what she does best and really get her business off the ground.  This was great to see and I found I really relished the web design process.  The fun of setting up product photoshoots rekindled my love of photography something I had always done as both an amateur and then eventually as a published photographer in my youth.  As someone used to the seriousness of wildlife photography I found it liberating to have such a degree of control and design when it came to the subject.  I thoroughly enjoyed the whole process and a spark was lit.

As time went by so did the demand for my web design and online marketing services grew as many of her friends in the industry began to ask who had done this for her.  Before I could so much as pause for breath I was helping them too. This one off gesture of goodwill had suddenly snowballed into many many hours, then days of writing code, taking product shots, designing brochures, creating logos, running social media and online advertising campaigns.   I really enjoyed the process of helping fledging businesses and watching them grow into exciting new brands.

I realised there was a clear demand for this help, especially in the new small business market and so I decided to bite the bullet and set up The Neon Greenhouse.  I had found there was a myriad of people offering to run people’s social media campaigns, websites, marketing and blogs but very few who would train you to do it yourself.  I also found that companies would often try to bamboozle their clients with jargon and figures to sell them things that their businesses did not really need.  My aim was to start a one stop shop for everything a small business would need, helping them grow on a timetable and budget that would best suit them, tailored to what they actually needed not what others wanted to sell them!

I found there were so many people needed this kind of service.   So I gave up my job as a trainer at the bank where I had worked for the last 10 years and threw myself full-time into web design for The Neon Greenhouse.  As word spread our client list grew and we were contacted by many businesses across the whole country and even overseas.  There was clearly a need for honest practical advice and help for businesses looking to get online.

We diversified to meet the ever growing demand for good affordable help explained clearly and simply to the clients in a language they can understand.  We took on existing businesses, charities and non-profit organisations, helping them solve problems quickly and easily that other companies had ignored, overcharged for or even caused.  It is my firm belief that with good advice,  training and practical help your business can achieve anything.  This is why we love to help small businesses think BIG.”


So why choose The Neon Greenhouse?  What sets you out from the many other companies offering help to small businesses?  Well at The Neon Greenhouse we believe in nurturing your business, helping it grow.  We offer the safety net of experience having been down this journey setting up a new business, helping you avoid the many pitfalls and teaching you the tricks of the trade to stand tall with the modern big businesses.  Our diverse skills in all areas required to help a modern business mean we are perfectly placed to help you.  So whether it’s web design, branding, advertising, social media, crowdfunding or writing a business plan we have an expert at hand especially for you around the clock to help your business.

We believe in shamelessly shouting about what you are doing, embracing social media and online advertising, all the while carefully ensuring it is affordable, targeted and beneficial to your business.  Unlike others we wont ask for money for likes or followers who do not even exist!  We believe through intelligent networking, clever campaigns and bringing out your individuality, personality and creativeness we can connect YOU with the right customers at a fraction of the cost.

So if your ready to take the plunge with your new business venture, wanting to modernise your existing business or are even just dreaming of starting your own business why not contact The Neon Greenhouse?  We will offer you a free informal consultation, no hard sell and all tailored with your needs in mind.