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Here at The Neon Greenhouse we offer a wide range of services designed to work with you to help your business grow and bring out the best in what you do.


We believe in a practical and tailored approach to meet our clients needs.  We recommend a face to face informal chat to get to know you and your business, so we can work with you to find the best and most effective targeted strategy to help you, all at a pace and budget that suits you.  We are also available via video chat or email consultations. Our first consultancy is always free of charge and there is no obligation to continue with us.

Here is some examples of the services we offer:




Whether it is starting from scratch or improving an existing site we offer a full range of Website Consultancy.  No project too big or too small.  Our experts inWeb Design will walk you through the process with jargon free, clear and concise explanations to help you understand what you can achieve for your budget.  We can help your business get noticed and look and feel like a big budget commercial website but with your businesses personal touch.

Our powerful commerce websites mean you can reach customers across the globe while easily maintaining and updating your products at the touch of a button.  We offer a great after care with training, advice and an open all hours approach when it comes to your questions all included in the price.

We believe when it comes to Web Design the key is in elegant simplicity, with all of our effort focused on achieving what you want to make your website unique, easy to use and providing a great user experience.

The Neon Greenhouse is also a registered Provider for NBSL’s North East Business Support Fund helping businesses to improve their competitiveness. Find out more at   Applications can be sent to


Social Media

From beginners to Social Media addicts we can improve your online presence using our tried and tested unique strategy for maximizing your reach and impact online.  Our training teaches you at a pace that suits you best we will have you connected to the right customers, clients and professionals for your business.

Clients can received training on a one to one basis, in groups with other like minded businesses or in the office for businesses looking to up-skill their staff.

For those too busy to run their own Social Media we offer a range of Social Media Management packages tailored to your individual requirements.


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Whatever your budget, whatever your goals we ensure your advertising is effective, efficient and affordable.  We bring in-depth statistical analysis with cutting edge fun and inventive ways to get your brand out there.

Our experts can handle your Adwords accounts, making sure you get the most for your money by improving your content as well as click through, bounce and conversion rates with easy to see results.  We prove detailed reports showing our results and are always at hand if you need to launch an offer or sale.  We can provide you with stunning graphics and imagery to use on adverts and social media.  Our photography service also means you can have the highest quality photos to promote your business.

We can manage your Facebook, Google Shopping, Adwords campaigns all in one place giving you the peace of mind you will not exceed your budget.



Whether your starting out and struggling to show your businesses identity or a well established brand in your field we can help you stand out from your competitors adding value to your business and engaging your customers.



Image is crucial to your business and will drive most of your business so why make do with ordinary photos when you can show off what you do to the world? With over 20 years of photography experience in many diverse fields our photographer can ensure your image gets noticed. As a published photographer he draws on all his years of experience to ensure only the best eye-catching images are used and offer free post-production digital enhancement for a highly professional feel.

We can edit, touch up and enhance your images on request, formatting perfectly for advertising, social media and websites.


Promotional Materials

Ensuring clear brand identity and an ongoing relationship with your customers is very important. We offer a design service for a wide range of promotional material to help your business build that bond with your customers.  Whether it is a brochure to send to wholesalers, a leaflet promoting your latest offers or a e-newsletter to your subscribers we can help.  We can help you set up mailing lists, email marketing and many more.


SEO analysis

When it comes to Search Engine Optimization many businesses are hit with a minefield of technical jargon all of which is meant to confuse, befuddle and bamboozle you into reaching for the cheque book and retreating to a darkened room for a lie down.  At The Neon Greenhouse we fully understand the importance SEO plays in ensuring your businesses success online but do not believe it should come at such a high price.  We offer practical honest affordable SEO based on thorough research, analysis and delivering success based on return on investment.


Streamline your business

For many small businesses the biggest challenge can often be dealing with growth. Using LEAN principles we aim to maximize customer value while minimizing waste. We will work with you to ensure sustainable growth by assisting with the design of your manufacturing processes, employee training and supply chain to ensure a seamless flow between your increase in demand and your output.


If you are interested in any of our services or have any questions please call us on 07890 847506 or use our handy contact form here.