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At The Neon Greenhouse we run a series of courses designed around everything you will need to learn to start your business.  Whether it is getting started in Social Media or how to approach wholesalers we have a course perfect for you.


We run workshops, seminars and one to one training sessions across the North East as well as an online web chat service to help you get started on your new venture.  Our courses are all run by experienced training staff with personal experience within the field of starting a new small business.


Here are some examples of the courses we offer:


We can also provide one-to-one, group and bespoke training designed especially for you on request.


Getting started with Social Media

This full day workshop is designed to teach you everything your business will need to get started in the world of Social Media.  Teaching you the mechanics of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more, we cover all the basics to get you up and running.  We will teach you the Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media.  How to make your content relevant, fun and get noticed. The secrets of getting your message out to maximum effect and how to turn your connections into customers.

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The tricks of Twitter

This half day workshop teaches the basics of Twitter from how to get set up, to how to make the most of Twitter for an excellent source of free high impact advertising.  We will help you avoid the easy mistakes and pitfalls most make when starting out on Twitter and teach the secrets of using this Social Media.  We will help you design and run an interesting, fun and professional Twitter account driving traffic to your websites, blogs and business.

Getting to grips with Facebook

This half day workshop teaches the basics of Facebook from how to get set up, running your Facebook and how to drive business from your Facebook page.  We will help you design and run an interesting, fun and professional Facebook account driving traffic to your websites, blogs and business.  We will teach you the art of getting ‘Likes’, how to connect to your websites,blogs and getting the most out of paid advertising.

Your online presence

This full day one to one workshop is tailored specifically to your business and getting your online presence started.  It includes starting up you Social Media such as Twitter and Facebook.  Connecting up all your online portfolio to ensure your business is best connected to your client base. Tweaking your Website, Social Media and blogs to ensure your branding is accurate, relevant and effective.  If you are new to the world of online marketing and need a website building we can work with you to get this done.  We also teach you the many tricks of the trade to ensure your online presence drives clients to you and to help maximise your businesses potential.

E-commerce for beginners

This full day course teaches you everything you need to get your business started in the world of E-Commerce.  We will tailor this course so it is relevant to your field of business and teach you the basics in starting out an E-Commerce.

Approaching your buyers, wholesaler and suppliers

This practical half day course covers how best to approach buyers, wholesaler and suppliers.  Tricks of the trade, industry best practises, how to get noticed and negotiating on price.  It can also be combined with a half day design workshop to help you make the perfect wholesale catalogues, leaflets, business cards and branding.

Streamlining your business

This one to one workshop is designed to get the most out of your business.  We will work with you to ensure your business is as efficient as possible, minimising risk, costs and production timescales to help your business run as smoothly as possible.  We will teach you the principles to help your business flow effortlessly avoiding the pitfalls that may arise.  We will help you design training materials and best practises to ensure your staff deliver the best possible service to your clients.